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Modeling/Data Analytics

Our analyses programs are designed to:


·         Increase Response Rates

·         Increase Profitability

·         Decrease Mailing Costs


Our experienced analysts use the best data-mining tools available:


  • Logistic Regression- a commonly used technique which defines relationships between response and the variables that influence the response using demographic, lifestyle, and behaviorial characteristics. Logistic regression models the probability of a "good" outcome using a linear function of the explanatory variables.


  • Neural Net- a non-linear modeling technique that is capable of identifying multiple patterns simulating neural connections of the brain. This process helps to define and deliver prospects that look and behave like your best customer.


  • Zip Analysis Program- a geographic model to help identify the best zip codes for promotion optimization. The Zip analysis is incorporated into our models and can also be used as a geographic overlay on any outside list.